Announcers Wanted:  We're BEGGING for people to send us dance announcements for Erie.  Can a city this large, really be as DEAD as it appears??  Please phone or email webmaster James Ingram, if you know anyone sending announcements.

This website "ErieDance.com" attempts to QUICKLY link you to ballroom and swing dance announcements for Erie, Pennsylvania.  We do this using a Yahoo group, which is free to announcers and free to dancers who can "subscribe" or "unsubscribe" from it.

We're currently "STALLED" trying to get information for Erie.  If anyone is aware of anybody sending email dance announcements for the Erie area, please contact James Ingram using information on the 'Contact Us' page.
  • We provide you (when possible) with the link to the local YAHOO GROUP where you can view dance announcements for that city), 
  • We also try to connect you to a local website that has a comprehensive  list of LINKS to local dance websites for that particular city. 

View announcements here:     "[ErieDance]".
This Yahoo group has been created for announcements for the Erie, Pa area.

You can browse email dance announcements by scrolling down the Yahoo page, or use the "Messages" link in the left menu bar.  

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